Michael Blum – Prince of Web Darkness or Law-abiding Investor?

What Do People Talk? – Rumors Travel Great Distances

P.J. King and Michael Blum Flipped of different layers of modern society all over the world. Only the laziest hasn’t had the bloody decency to put forward a case yet. The lifestyle, business activities and surprisingly low level of interest from law-enforcement authorities gave birth to all sorts of rumors. Are they justified or some powers just seek to demonize them in order to undermine their credibility and depreciate business?

For better or worse, modern technologies rocks around the globe. In the very beginning, social media were means of remote communication. Nowadays, they are powerful tools and platforms that can both create idols and subvert them with the same success. They are also able to display a fictional character like a real person. That’s the reason for reading and hearing so contradictory information about that “sweet couple”.


Actually, the majority of the title-tattle relates to their collaboration with each other. It is suspected, that they are engaged in successful but not a legal business in the darknet. And it is not about selling smuggled goods. It deals with underground sex services. It is said that they deliver girls to rich people and provide them with all sorts of entertainment that can match their perverted mind and lust. They don’t obsess over upholding the law or moral principles.

Michael Blum - the king of DarkNet

It Was Nice While It Lasted

Rumor has it that P.J. King was a true initiator and even puller. He was able to convince Michael Blum that shadow activities can bring much more money and power than a legitimate business. Maybe, it was the other way round. We just know for sure that they become friends due to their common interest in space exploration and tourism.

Wow! They had so lofty ideals and dreams! Such people cannot be scammers or criminals! It sounds naive but some people still believe it. They used to think that others tend to blame rich and powerful persons out of jealousy. However, sane citizens understand that too much money and power is a great temptation.

Mr. Blum Appears on the Stage

Michael Blum’s parents lived in Germany and then they left it for Hong Kong where Michael was born. He was growing as a well-mannered, smart, and talented fellow and he started out with such promise on being a real pillar of the community. From his college years, he was curious about a wide range of fields of economy and business.

Mr. Blum can boast an impressive collection of jobs he used to have. It deals with work for such giants as PayPal, Virgin, Ernst & Young, Vision Inc., and a row of other well-known enterprises. Twenty years ago, his financial well-being allowed him to acquire SpaceShipTwo from the Spaceship Company and Virgin Galactic calmly paying $200,000 for a vehicle.

Then, Blum switched to managing large companies and entrepreneurship. He used to have many eminent clients that benefit from his business recommendations. However, some of them failed and suffered heavy financial losses. The lucky manager was slick enough and, besides, he had huge resources to kill those stories. He managed to keep his reputation safe and continued to work as a successful manager that is able to bring profit to the companies.

His next project was the hedge fund Falconhenge Partners in 2005. Some years later Blum fit into Macau in order to start hotel and casino business there. And by a happy coincidence, this location in China is turned out to be the heart of underground gambling.

When 2013 came, Blum had already covered the southeast of the Asian region. The investment company he had founded became the headquarters of his legal business activity. That was the beginning of the story when people started calling him a Landlord of Dar Net.

A bit later, Blum made friends with Richard Branson. He was a powerful moneyman from Great Britain, the head of the Virgin Group (a corporation that manages more than 400 companies in a wide range of fields). The same happened to P.J. King. The latter also started working for Branson and all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle came together.

P.J. King – the Road to Hell Wealth

Mr. King was born in the family of a well-behaved priest. He dreamed about space from the very childhood and managed to become a professional engineer and skillful expert on space flights. As he was not going to become a tiny cog in the great wheel of the space industry, he founded the high-tech Clockworks International Company to come in handy for such enterprises as Apple, Disney, and many others.

Soon, his company was suspected of money laundering and King had to curtail his activities. He managed to get away with it but some of his middle managers had to pay his bills in more ways than one.

Despite this fail, P.J. King entered the market with his new project – the P.J. King Investments Ltd. fund. He became a successful broker and used to attract multi-million investments from influential people.

Thee intensive marketing and business activity didn’t prevent King from dreaming about space. In 2004, he decided to purchase a flight on the SpaceShipTwo space vehicle. He invested tons of dough in it and 10 years later, he was going to get on the board. However, the spacecraft was destroyed in a crash and King required refunding. Regardless of this failure, King didn’t stop working in this industry.

At the same time, he became a person of interest in the case of the hotel-booking online platform CNG Travel. It is said that he deliberately put the company in the ground in order to get a piece of the web company’s assets (by the way, he succeeded).

That was the period when both Michael Blum and P. J. King got the idea that legal business is quite exhausting and picky. That’s why they decided to dive into the dark net. They started using their financial influence in Asia to provide clients from the USA and Europe with sex entertainment, meaning high-end escorts for rich boys, married businesspersons, public figures, and etcetera.


Soon, they ended up under surveillance by local cops and had to cap on their “services”. Thus, they tried to escape the unnecessary attention and publicity. At the same time, their adepts and partners claim that it was just a war. It’s meant a dirty campaign that aimed to let other companies grow their market share fast and fat and chase Blum & King out of the fields.

Does Michael Blum a venture investor?


New Epoch – Innovative Crimes

BTC and blockchains rushed to the financial market and born huge opportunities for frauds and scammers. Certainly, new payment systems should be expected in our high-tech world. However, as a rule, they are hard to regulate and very often, they become a bargaining chip for the shadow business.

Such intangible financial resources became for Blum and King a perfect tool for plunging the depths of the darknet universe. Now, unlawful sex service became available online and the clients started to pay in crypto. The latter means that it’s almost impossible to track these transactions. Besides, the partners covered the niche of porn movies filming them in Russia and some Asian countries, as well as the lucrative market of drugs. They say, Blum even developed a dedicated map that helped clients to identify dealers and drug dens.

There are many other horror stories about king and Blum but none of them is proved. Why is it so? Some people think that it is about the inaction of police that is paid well for their blindness. Others state that all those gossips are just scary tales or deliberate defamation. Maybe, all of them are right.

Reasons to Doubt and Reasons to Claim

P.J. King and Mr. Blum don’t look like Taoist gods and their deeds are far from the role model. However, nobody managed to prove their fault in numerous crimes. They might be Moriarty of our times or just moneybags that easily do their deal with the devil.

It’s not a surprise that some business decision often requires contradictory approaches and not completely legal tools. However, only a few powers are able to prevent themselves from crossing the line. It’s very doubtful, that Blum and King are better than others from this point of view.


It might be suggested that regardless of the lack of proof, their partners would be squeamish to interact with them. However, when it deals with money, they used to forget about morals. The entrepreneurs, traders, politicians, etc. might keep them out of their social circle but use them for their profit. That’s why Blum and King can continue their work in the field of investments and invent new projects to become richer. Average people can consider them monsters but they don’t care about it. Innocent until proven guilty, as we know.

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