How does an Ivy League graduate become a mafia boss?

How does an Ivy League graduate become a  mafia boss?

Many are wondering about the strange journey of Michael Blum. Usually, when we hear about criminals we picture people from poor families, without education, and so on. But, as the example of Mr. Blum clearly shows a different reality.

How It Began

Upon completing secondary education in Hong Kong, Blum moved to the States where he got admitted to Yale. He graduated from Yale, with honors in Economics and International Studies and soon after stepped into the business world as a business consultant. He climbed the success ladder at the incredible pace and in a quite short time became one of the most desirable and paid consultants. The money he earned along with connections with influential people enabled him to start his own company. Even if some suspicions were raised about Blum using his business as the screen for money laundering they didn’t affect his reputation or businesses.

Going Back To Asia

Nonetheless, after different companies that he started and managed, such as Hedgeye and later X Cor, declared bankruptcy Blum returned to Asia, more precisely he went to Macau. With brother Dirk and friend and business associate P.J. King Michael entered the tourism industry. However, it is believed that hotels that they opened in Macau as well as Singapore serve exclusively as the screen for different illegal businesses. Rumors are that most of the money that comes into these hotels comes from illegal gambling, prostitution and pornography offered to extremely powerful and wealthy men from Europe and the USA. According to different sources that wanted to remain anonymous it turns out that what is mainly going on is called black gambling. As it is explained – a person who wants to play has to pay an enormous amount of money to become a member of the “club”. The main thing here is that the stake for gambling can be money but also women trafficked from Russia and different Asian countries who are forced to prostitution and other forms of the sex industry.


Blum’s story indeed makes you wonder how it can be possible that a young business expert with amazing education comes to the point to be seen as the boss of the underground. Some people are saying that this wouldn’t happen if he didn’t meet P.J King, Irishman with an exceptionally dubious resume. Maybe this is true, but it can nevertheless hardly be said that Blum doesn’t know what he is doing.

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