Michael Blum’s Dirt Exposed by Fellow Tycoon

Being a top business person means having many enemies willing to go far and beyond to tarnish your reputation. But in most cases, the bad things that are said are not necessarily untrue; they just happen to land on the wrong hands.

Recently, Michael Blum has suffered the heat of getting in the wrong foot of his fellow business tycoon, who has decided to spill the tea. He has exposed all the illegal activities that the CEO of Xcor has been conducting. And this has significantly affected the company.

Michael Blum hasn’t responded or denied the accusations. According to the source, Blum has been using the firm’s funds to finance his brothel business. It also came as a shock when the source revealed that all the expensive networking balls he has been holding, are meant to match tycoons with the girls.

The worst part is some girls are under age, and they’ve been engaging in the business against their will. The balls are also filled with all kinds of drugs, which Blum contributes.

It’s a shame that now Xcor is paying for his poor reputation as well as the money he has embezzled. Xcor will soon be declared bankrupt if no investor steps in. Meanwhile, the management better let Blum go before it’s too late.

Final Call

The face of the business is determined by the employees and leaders of the company. Now, the only thing that people see when they look at Xcor is prostitution and drugs. Blum has let down the firm in all possible ways. The only way out may be demoting him from his position.

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